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Weekly dose of hip-hop, entertainment, dating, sex and social issues from a “sometimes ratchet” but mostly woke perspective!

About us


 Shaun and Ny met in 1993. They didn’t immediately like each other (Shaun thought that Ny thought that she was too cute with her “Halle Berry” haircut, lol) – but grew closer over the years as they partied, traveled, laughed (and cried) over boyfriends and “situationships” and divorces and life changes. Whether one or the other was in Maryland or Virginia or New Jersey or New York or Georgia or Florida, they made it a point to talk regularly about everything - from personal wins and losses, celebrity gossip to the latest hip-hop song to the most pressing issues effecting black women, minorities and the community at large.


 That’s What I’m Saying! the podcast is a showcase of the many sides of two black women “of a particular age”. During “the Ratchet Minute” the discussion turns to all things petty before the ladies put on their “kitten heels and glasses” as they say, for The Woke Minute, to discuss issues such as domestic violence, politics, and racism, just to name a few. The ladies get down and dirty for The Weekend D**k Report then, during “I Reminisce, I Reminisce” the ladies take turns waxing poetic about their favorite old school hip-hop song. The show closes with “Support Black Businesses” where the ladies promote one minority owned business to their listeners. 



It was their weekly one-hour “check-in” calls that inspired That’s What I’m Saying! The podcast. And it has been the overwhelming response from listeners all over the world who tune in every week to laugh, cry and to get informed and empowered with Shaun and Ny’s brand of “ratchet-wokeness”.


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