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1 Year Anniversary Show in miami! Part 1

Join Shaun and Ny as they celebrate their one year anniversary of That's What I'm Saying! the podcast with an Instagram Live Show!

One Year Anniversary show in miami! part 2

The fun continues as  Shaun and Ny celebrate their one year anniversary with questions and answers from the listeners!

Live from nyc

On Episode 19 of “That’s What I’m Saying! The podcast, The Ratchet Minute finds Shaun and Ny discussing R. Kelly’s response to the sex allegations plus more!

hell up in harlem!

On Episode 14 of “That’s What I’m Saying! the podcast, Shaun and Ny are on location causing Hell up in Harlem, discussing the long-awaited but seemingly lackluster ‘Koonye’ produced “Nasir” from the God’s son, Nas, plus more!